Romantic Love Letter

Romantic Love Letter
Romantic Love Letter

Growing up I dreamed about the sort of person I could love someday. I imagined I could meet someone from a fairy tale, someone who was wonderful and charming, who was like no other in this world. As I grew up and started to deal with different situations, I didn’t think that that love really existed because things never would work out the way I wished that they could.

One day I met this special someone who walked into my life, someone who made me feel like I could feel love, that maybe that word LOVE really did exist. Not only had the barriers that surrounded my heart plummeted but I could feel the warmth of Love. I could dream again, I could imagine that I was now a part of that fairy tale that I always wanted to be. My life had changed in way that I could never think of possible.

I am one of the luckiest people, because at last my dream has come true. I love that special someone who is wonderful and charming, someone who makes my heart skip a beat. Someone whom if I don’t speak to within every hour of the day I become trapped in thought. Someone who when every time that voice is spoken I can’t control the smile that not only enlightens my face but my day! I love someone who is not like any other person in this world….it’s you I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!!

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